“I met so many of the beautiful children of Gaza. More than 500 were killed in the fighting. Many more were wounded. What did they do wrong? Being born in Gaza is not a crime.”

What should our new tagline be?

Yesterday we asked for your suggestions on freshening up our tagline: keep ‘em coming! “Things you should see and know” … what are those things? 

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“No student, anywhere, ever, should be a target of conflict or violence. Let us all lay down our weapons.”
“We’re all pulled in a million different directions, this hot story, that hot story. But it’s when your editors protect you, and devote your time to something, that you can really shine a bright light.”

How The Washington Post’s Carol Leonnig Broke Open The Secret Service Scandal

In case you missed it, our investigative reporter Carol Leonnig has been hitting scoop after scoop after scoop this week.

“We do our homework around here.”
— Overheard at The Washington Post