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“We’re all pulled in a million different directions, this hot story, that hot story. But it’s when your editors protect you, and devote your time to something, that you can really shine a bright light.”

How The Washington Post’s Carol Leonnig Broke Open The Secret Service Scandal

In case you missed it, our investigative reporter Carol Leonnig has been hitting scoop after scoop after scoop this week.

“I’m not always wrong, but when I’m wrong, I’m wrong with conviction.”
— Overheard at The Washington Post
“I don’t know if you guys know this, but I’m a huge Mariah Carey fan. Like, I would take off work if she died.”
— Overheard at The Washington Post

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Anonymous asked:

What do you like most about working at The Washington Post? Why?


The Post still believes and values original journalism, so I like that. I also like that they still support this kind of work that I do, which is no small thing. These long stories are expensive  and involved, and they require a serious investment of time. 

But The Post is making the bet (and I’m hoping they are right) that the best of these “longform/narrative/orwhateveryoucallthem” journalism stories can stick in peoples’ minds and change the way they think about little bits of the world. I think a newspaper should do that. I’m glad The Post does, too. (for the world, but also for my job security).

“Your senioritis is really inconveniencing me.”
— Overheard at The Washington Post
“I think the Tumblr has just become a space for us to share our private shame.”
— Overheard at The Washington Post
“You people with your apps, man.”
— Overheard at The Washington Post
“There’s an important conversation about sandwiches going on here.”
— Overheard at The Washington Post